Cristian, Andrew, and Brianna Present at ACS

Cristian, Andrew, and Brianna presented at the 2024 Spring Meeting of the American Chemical Society. The meeting was held in New Orleans. Cristian presented a talk; Andrew and Brianna presented posters. All three did a great job sharing their work with the community and had excellent scientific discussions with colleagues.

Brianna Presents at APS March Meeting


Brianna presented a talk titled "Density Functional Theory in Chemical Physics: Orbital-dependent Density Functionals, Hybrids and Self-interaction Correction" at the American Physical Society's March Meeting in Minneapolis.

Andrew, Abby, and Hrant attend the GRC Molecular and Ionic Clusters Meeting

Andrew, Abby, and Hrant attended the 2024 Gordon Research Conference on Molecular and Ionic Clusters, which was held in Ventura, CA. Abby and Andrew presented posters. Hrant was invited to be the Discussion Leader for a session on "Modeling Complex Phenomena with Atomically Defined Clusters."