July 2020

NSF Grant Funds New Central Computer Cluster

The National Science Foundation has awarded our campus a grant for purchasing a new high-performance computing (HPC) cluster. The grant is titled "MRI: Acquisition of Pinnacles -- Raising Research Computing to New Heights in California's Central Valley." Hrant is the PI on the grant; Professors Suzanne Sindi (Applied Math) and Ashlie Martini (Mechanical Engineering) are Co-PIs on the grant. Several other faculty colleagues contributed to the proposal as senior personnel. This award will result in the acquisition of a shared HPC cluster named Pinnacles at UC Merced. Building on an increasing strength in scientific computing at UCM, the nation's first new research-intensive university of the 21st century, this project will deploy a new state-of-the-art HPC to enable exciting cutting-edge science and facilitate advanced research training that will promote the progress of science. UCM, an Hispanic Serving Institution, is also uniquely positioned to leverage the new HPC to provide access and training opportunities for students from underrepresented groups. Full details of the grant are available online.