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Rudy M Ortiz Lab Undergraduate Research Experience

Undergraduate Research

Having had the opportunity to participate in research as an undergraduate, I place an emphasis in allowing and incorporating undergraduate participation in my lab. I strongly believe that the development of the next generation of biomedical researchers begins at a very early stage in the academic stage of their training. Among the characteristics my successful undergraduates possess are: 1) an eagerness to learn, 2) ambition to pursue a higher degree, 3) genuine desire to pursue a career in biomedical research/science, and 4) a commitment to their research projects and the lab. I am especially eager to identify and help train undergraduate students with tremendous academic potential from underrepresented groups.

The following students have either been in my lab or are currently in my lab and represent the wide diversity of students that I have had the pleasure of supporting and training.

Ruben Rodriguez 2006-
Doing research in Dr. Ortiz's lab has helped me become a better student; because I get to apply what I have learned in the class room to real life experiments.  Doing research in Dr. Ortiz's lab has also allowed me to attend multiple conferences to present my research, which enabled me to meet students from other Universities that are currently doing research in similar fields; therefore it allowed me to expand my network for future research collaborations.
Working in the Ortiz lab has been a great experience. At first, I was unsure about doing research, but this lab made physiology much more interesting to me. I never knew how to get involved in research until I took Professor Ortiz's physiology class. Over the course of my involvement, I have learned a great deal about physiology and different mechanisms within the body. Not only have I gained intellectual knowledge, but I have also learned many different techniques that will help me in the future. Working in this lab has really changed my perspective on research and has helped me decide my future career path.
Jacqueline Minas 2009-
Marjorie Rarama 2009-
My research experience was quite enjoyable.  I am pretty clumsy, so one important personal trait I got in lab was being more graceful and cautious.  I got to work with many fun machines, such as a sample analyzer and a sonifier. Also, I got to work with real animal samples and try other research methods.  Research was pretty beneficial to me and now I got an idea of  what researchers go through and how they are experts they are in their field. Research helps me understand some of the scientific approaches that are mentioned in bio books and it is so cool that I get to actually do those methods like western blotting, for real.  I am honored to get an opportunity to see what goes on inside labs and it is a really memorable experience.  
Working in Dr. Ortiz's laboratory as an undergrad was a very valuable experience. Not only did it allow me to learn an assortment of different analytical techniques, but it also gave me the opportunity to implement what I learned and contribute to real projects.
Jose Viscarra 2007 - 2009
Fatima Barragan 2009
Having the opportunity to work in a laboratory as an undergraduate gives students an edge in any setting. Research opens many doors and allows students to discover what they are truly great at. I would recommend it to anyone.
I began college with the intent to further pursue medical school both because I had this inherent desire to help people and an insatiable curiosity for the human body. Although my desire and curiosity remain prominent forces in directing my future career, undergraduate research has broadened my interests and has taught me that there are literally COUNTLESS other ways to satisfy them. As an undergrad, what better way is there to work with your professor at a personal level and have so many more doors of opportunity open at the same time? None!
Shaina Balayan 2009
Andrew Mamalis 2005 - 2009
I believe participating in research is an invaluable experience to gain during your undergraduate education. I guarantee you will learn things while working in a lab that you cannot learn in the classroom. I encourage every student to get involved in research at sometime during their education- participating in research will only make you a better student!
My undergraduate research experience gave me a full understanding of what an education at a University is all about. Not only did I have the knowledge from the classroom and textbooks, but now I was able to apply what I had learned in the classroom to real life. It greatly increased my public speaking ability, allowed me to work face to face with individuals in the community and gave me hands on skills working in a lab setting. Working in the lab was an amazing experience that I think every undergrad should have!
Jana Mowrer 2006-2008
Jessica Romo 2006 - 2009
My experience in the lab was an extraordinary one. Through working in the lab on Adolescent Obesity in Merced County, there have been countless opportunities that have helped me throughout my academic career. I was chosen and received 3 opportunities to continue my research while attending school. I was chosen as an Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) member after my first year working, and after my second year of working I was chosen as a Ronald E. McNair Scholar. During my senior year I received a travel award to present my findings at the Society for Advancing Hispanics/Chicanos & Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since then I decided that my career path would be focused on Public Health and will be pursuing an MPH in the fall of 2010. All thanks to Dr. Rudy Ortiz and the endless amount of support he gave me while doing undergraduate research.
Even as an Economics major, working in Prof. Ortiz's lab was a very valid experience, specially in terms of expanding my interdisciplinary perspective.The opportunity was enriching in the sense that it helped me understand how different disciplines interact and cooperate. I also learned a great deal about writing research grants and developing a research project of my own.
Amanda Camelo 2006-2008
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