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Rudy M Ortiz Lab

BIS 060 Nutrition (Lecture & Discussion)

Prof. Rudy M. Ortiz
Course Text: Staci Nix. Williams. Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy. Elsevier Mosby.
"Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die."

The purpose of BIS 060 is to provide students with an understanding of basic concepts in Nutrition and how nutrition relates to their daily lifes, community and culture. The discussion sections will review current topics in Nutrition including trends, nutrients, diet and disease, obesity, food safety and technology, and world hunger. The discussion topics are intended to complement the lecture materials and provide an opportunity for open discussion of these topics.

Objectives: To gain a better understanding of how foods impact our health and to gain a better appreciation for eating healthy and maintaining a healthy life style.


BIS 161 Human Physiology (Lecture & Lab)

Prof. Rudy M. Ortiz
Course Text: Vander.s Human Physiology 10th Ed. McGraw Hill.
"Physiology is the Physics of Life."

The purpose of BIS 161 is to provide students with a basic understanding of how organ systems function in concert to maintain whole body homeostasis. Physiology also describes how biological systems respond to endogenous and exogenous perturbations to maintain homeostasis. The inability of the body to maintain homeostasis of a particular function often leads to a pathological condition described by the discipline of pathophysiology. In order to understand the pathophysiology of certain conditions, it.s imperative that students learn how the system works under natural, controlled (unperturbed) conditions. The labs performed as a requisite to the class will help enforce many of the concepts presented in class.

Objectives: To gain a better understanding of the how organ systems work in concert with other systems to maintain homeostasis.


Endocrinology Lecture Coming Fall 2009



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