Lee Research Group
December 2019
  • Ali successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congrats, Dr. Karimaghaloo!

  • Simi shared her successful graduate experience at a workshop of the 2019 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston. She also contributed to the Workshop as an organizer. Her talk was in Part III of the Workshop. We are very proud!

  • Simi as a Foundry user was featured during the 2019 MRS Meeting! Check this out here.

October 2019
  • We, the Lee group visited Stanford for discussions ang a gathering with the Prinz group. We appreciate the kind invitation of Prof. Prinz.
September 2019
  • Group BBQ party at the lake!

July 2019
  • Min's book chapter entitled "Electrical AFM for the Analysis of Resistive Switching" is now online! Book title: Electrical Atomic Force Microscopy for Nanoelectronics, Springer. link

  • Simi and Angela presented their work on MOF-based bimetallic oxygen electrocatalysts at the ECEE 2019, Glasgow, Scotland. Congrats!
June 2019
  • Min as the lead PI and a team of 8 other faculty members on campus are funded by Department of Defense HBCU/MI Equipment/Instrumentation program to purchase a state-of-the-art X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) system! We greatly appreciate the support.

March 2019
  • We are funded for another exciting new project with KITECH on the development of durable high-temperature fuel cells (SOFC & MCFC) via nanoscale surface engineering!

February 2019
  • Hung-Sen's paper on surface-treatment of LNF-based SOFC cathode is published in J. Electrochem. Soc. Congratulations!

  • Our review paper on the ALD treatment of SOFCs is now published in IJPEM-GT!

January 2019
  • Simi passed her qualifying exam and became a PhD candidate. Congrats!

  • We just started an exciting funded collaboration with Prof. Dahyun Oh and Prof. John Lee at SJSU on interface-engineered flexible batteries!

October 2018
  • EDSL participated in the AiMES 2018 ECS Meeting at Cancun, Mexico!

    * H. -S. Kang, H. Li and M. H. Lee, "Comparative Study: Effect of Various Wet Impregnations into LaNi1-XFexO3-d Cathodic Backbone for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells" (oral)
    * A. Macedo Andrade, Z. Liu, S. Grewal, S. J. Bai and M. H. Lee, "UiO-66 as an Effective Support of Metal Oxides for Ogygen Evolution Catalysis" (poster)
    * H. Li, H.-S. Kang, A. Karimaghaloo and M. H. Lee, "Atomic Layer Deposition Treatment on Infiltrated Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells" (poster)
    * Z. Liu, A. Macedo Andrade, S. Grewal and M. H. Lee, "Co-embedded Carbon Nano-polyhedron Supported on Functionalized Graphene Oxide for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction" (poster)

September 2018
  • Min and team Atom Lightening participated in the exciting 8-week long NSF I-Corps program! Here are some pics from the Ending session at Austin, TX.

July 2018
  • Min delivered an invited talk at the AVS 18th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2018; Incheon, Korea), and at Seoul National University.

  • Min offered a series of invited lectures on the topic of "Scanning Probe-based Nanoscale Characterization and Analysis" at Korea University, Seoul, Korea.

May 2018
  • Simi's NASA Harriett G. Jenkins Graduate Fellowship has been accepted for a final year of award renewal. Congratulations!

  • Hung-Sen's summer research is supported by NASA MACES center. Congratulations!

  • Hung-Sen and Ali passed their qualifying exam and became a PhD candidate. Congratulations!

April 2018
  • Min is awarded NSF CAREER Award. The award will fund our innovative in-situ SOFC study for the next 5 years. We greatly appreciate NSF's support!

  • Simi's paper on the critical impact of graphene functionalization for the oxygen reduction catalysis of metal oxide/grpahene hybrids is accepted by The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Congratulations!

January 2018
  • Our lab is funded by KITECH for atomic-scale surface treatments of SOFC electrodes! It is exciting to initiate the collaboration with a Korean governmental agency.

  • Vishal and Hung-Sen's paper on combined effect on interfacial nature is published in the Journal of Applied Physics. Congratulations!

Deecember 2017
  • Chee Seng returned back to Singapore after his elaborate work on AFM-based SOFCs. We deeply appreciate his contribution in and out of the lab.

November 2017
  • Two of our proposals to Molecular Foundry were accepted for high resolution TEM/STEM. Thank you for the support!

October 2017
  • Simi presented her recent work on new ORR catalysts at the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston. Congrats!

August 2017
  • Two new PhD students, Ziqi Liu and Haoyu (Joshua) Li, joined the group. Welcome!

  • Sean successfully defended his MS presentation. And he recent accepted a great offer from Intel. Congratulations! He will move to Oregon soon. We all will miss you. Best wishes.

July 2017
  • Simi is awarded the third year (the final year) NASA ASTAR fellowship! Congratulations!

  • Ali presented his recent work on ALD-based SOFC functionalization at the ECS SOFC XV at Hollywood, Florida. Congrats!

June 2017
  • Youngseok and Ali's work on graphene-based SOFC cathode is published in Fuel Cells as the Front Cover article of the June issue. Congratulations!

May 2017
  • Simi presented her recent exiciting work entitled "TiO2 Supported By Acid Treated Graphene Oxide As an Oxygen Reduction Catalysts" at the ECS meeting, New Orleans, LA. Congrats!

  • Lee group is awarded UCM Senate Faculty Fund for our initiation of methane reforming catalysis study!

April 2017
  • Our report in collaboration with U of Alabama on innovative AFM-based mechanism study of resistive switching is published in Scientific Reports. Congratulations!

March 2017
  • Ali's recent work about the mechanism of oxygen reduction process on ALD-functionalized SOFC cathode is published in ACS Omega. Congratulations!

December 2016
  • EDSLians had a secret-revealing (?) year-end party!

October 2016
  • Chee Seng came back from Singapore! He will finalize his work on AFM-based nanoscale SOFC project. Welcome!

September 2016
  • Simi is awarded the 2nd year NASA ASTAR fellowship! Congratulations!

June 2016
  • EDSL was at the ECS Spring at San Diego!

    * A. Macedo Andrade, S. Grewal, A. Karimaghaloo and M. H. Lee, "Non-stoichiometric titanium dioxide incorporation onto reduced graphene oxide by atomic layer deposition for oxygen reduction catalysis" (oral)
    * C. S. Ng, J. D. Baek, V. Zade, A. Villegas, P.-C. Su, A. Martini and M. H. Lee, "Scanning probe-based in-situ high temperature electrical and electrochemical studies" (oral)
    * A. Karimaghaloo, T. Peev, A. Macedo Andrade and M. H. Lee, "Mechanism of enhanced Pt ORR catalyst by atomic layer deposition-based oxide functionalization" (poster)
    * V. Zade, A. Martini and M. H. Lee, "Impact of conjugated mechanical and electrical stimuli on interfacial adhesion and electrical contact" (poster)
    * S. Grewal, C. S. Ng, B. Read and M. H. Lee, "Functionalization of carbon with manganese oxide for enhanced wettability and capacitance in neutral aqueous electrolyte" (poster)
    * C. S. Ng, J. D. Baek, V. Zade, A. Villegas, P.-C. Su, A. Martini and M. H. Lee, "Micro-Thermal Stage and Custom-made Pt-Ir Tips for High Temperature Electrical and Electrochemical Characterization by AFM" (poster)

April 2015
  • Min gave a talk entitled “Atomic layer deposition for solid oxide fuel cells” at UC Irvine.

February 2015
  • Min gave a talk entitled “Atomic layer deposition for solid oxide fuel cells” at the NCCAVS Symposium, San Jose, CA. link

  • As of February 1, we started a very exciting industry project funded by a major automotive company on the development of high performance cathodes for solid oxide fuel cells through a combination of conventional slurry process and atomic-/nano-scale fabrication approach. Cheers!

December 2015
  • The queen and retainers at the 2015 EDSL year-end party!

November 2015
  • Our proposal to the Molecular Foundry, "Interfacial resistive switching mechanism study aided by STEM-EELS" was approved! We will be able to leverage their state-of-the-art nanoscale chemical analysis capability for our resistive switching study.

October 2015
  • Brandon Read is awarded the MACES Undergraduate Fellowship. He will work on nanostructured carbon-oxide hybrid for energy storage. Congratulations!

September 2015
  • Simi is awarded the prestigeous NASA ASTAR graduate fellowship. Her research on "Parametric and mechanistic study of doped graphene variants for oxygen reduction catalysis" will be supported for up to 3 years of her PhD study. Congratulations, Simi!

  • The website for our NASA funded center MACES is now online! Check this out here.

  • Sean Johnson joined our group. He will work on multi-scale cathode optimization for solid oxide fuel cells. Welcome!

August 2015
  • Min gave an invited talk about graphene-based ORR catalysis at the IUPAC 2015. link

  • Vishal Zade joined EDSL as a new PhD student. He will work on fundamental study of interfaces to reveal the impact of conjugated external stimuli. Welcome!

  • Angela Macedo Andrade joined EDSL as a new PhD student. She will innovate carbon-based nanomaterials for electrochemical energy applications. Welcome!

  • Simranjit (Simi) Grewal joined EDSL as a new PhD student. She will work on 1D/2D material engineering for both low and high temperature catalysis. Welcome!

June 2015
  • A new MS student, Arash Tourki Samaei, joined EDSL. He will work on wet process of SOFC stack layers. Welcome!

May 2015
  • Lee group and 5 other UCM research groups are awarded a $5M grant from the NASA MUREP MIRO program! This award will strenghen diversity and support our research on nanostructure-based energy conversion/storage devices for the next 5 years. link

  • Lee group and PI A. Martini are awarded an AFOSR research grant! This program will support our study on interfacial evolutions caused by coupled external stimuli for 3 years.

  • Lee group will be funded by the UCM Senate Faculty Award on the topic of nanoscale high temperature electrochemical observations!

April 2015
  • A collaborative paper entitled “Ultra-thin YSZ coating on Pt cathode for high thermal stability and enhanced oxygen reduction reaction activity” was accepted by Advanced Energy Materials. It will appear with a frontispiece!

November 2014
  • Min presented interfacial bonding-mediated resistive switching at the MRS Fall Meeting, Boston.

October 2014
  • Eunbit (Jamie) Cho, a PhD student at Chemistry, joined EDSL for her independent study on ionic batteries. Welcome!

September 2014
  • Yongjie Wang earned an MS in Mechanical Engineering and will pursue his PhD in UK. Best wishes!

  • Min gave a talk entitled “Graphene-based electrodes for electrochemical energy conversion and storage” at the AVS Thin Film User Group Meeting. link

June 2014
  • Chee Seng Ng, a PhD student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore arrived at EDSL for his research on nanoscale interfacial process and ionic transport. Welcome!

May 2014
  • Lee group is funded by the UCM Senate Faculty Award on the topic of nanoscale resistive switching!

April 2014
  • Min gave a talk about carbon-based air electrodes at the IEEE SFBA Nanotechnology Council Symposium. link

  • Min gave talks at several institutes in Korea, including Seoul National Univ., Korea Institute of Science & Technology and Sungkyunkwan Univeristy, on the topic of graphene-based air electrodes.

February 2014
  • A collaborative proposal with PI Pei-Chen Su, at NTU, Singapore was selected by the Ministry of Education, Singapore! This fund will support our collaborative study on the nanoscale oxygen transport and interfacial process for the next 3 years.

January 2014
  • A new graduate student, Alireza Karimaghaloo joined EDSL!
    He will work on new electrodes for solid oxide fuel cells. Welcome!

November 2013
  • The group participated in the ECS Fall Meeting at San Francisco!

    Y. Jee et al. "Graphene-based Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell"

August 2013
  • Senam Tamakloe, an undergraduate researcher being supported by PG&E Engineering Summer Scholarship presented her work on graphene-based battery.

July 2013
  • Savarni Singh, an undergraduate researcher being supported by NSF COINS program presented his work on resistive switching.

  • Min presented his recent work on AFM-based resistive switching and carbon-based electrodes at Korea University.

April 2013
  • The group participated in the MRS Spring at San Francisco!

    H. Moon et al. "Fabrication of micro Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with Graphene-based Cathode"
    U. Shah et al. "Mechanism Study of Transition Metal Oxide Based Resistive Switching Memories"
    Y. Wang et al. "Localized in-situ Observation of Redox on Graphene Oxide-Mn3O4 Hybrid Applied in Lithium Ion Batteries"

    We would like to thank Prof. Vincent Tung's group for their full support and advices on graphene-based nanostructures.

February 2013
  • Dinner and beer/wine at Min's!

January 2013
  • Michael Anderson started his independent study on ionic battery and polymer electrolyte fuel cell using various nanostructured electrodes. Welcome!

November 2012
  • Sanghoon Ji joined our group as a visiting graduate student. He is currently a MS/PhD student at Seoul National Univ., focusing on thin-film solid oxide fuel cell and nanoscale characterization. During 6 month long stay here at UCM, he will work on characteriztion of nanoscale fuel cells. Welcome!

  • Youngseok Jee joined our group as a postdoctoral researcher. He obtained a PhD from Seoul National University. In UCM, he will work on solid oxide fuel cell with various interesting nano-materials. Welcome!

September 2012
  • Utsav Shah joined our group as a research staff. He also finished his MS at USC with materials science major this year and will spend a year with us working on solid oxide fuel cell and ionic battery study. Welcome!

August 2012
  • Andrew Hyeongjoo Moon joined our group as a research staff. He finished his MS at USC with materials science major this year and will spend a year with us working on solid oxide fuel cell study. Welcome!

  • Yongjie Wang joined our group as a PhD student. He did his undergraduate at HIT, China with honor and majored in materials science. He will start working on Li-ion battery. Welcome!