Lee Research Group
Principal Investigator
  Min Hwan Lee (pdf)
Associate Professor, PhD
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Materials and Biomaterials Science and Engineering
School of Engineering, UC Merced
  • 5200 N. Lake Rd, Merced CA 95343
  • mlee49 (at) ucmerced.edu, (209) 228-4186, Office: SRE 349

  • PhD & MS, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
  • BS, Mechanical Design & Production Engineering, Seoul National University

Graduate Students
  Alireza Karimaghaloo
PhD Candidate
  • akarimaghaloo (at) ucmerced.edu
  • Research topic: Fuel cells, nano-characterization

  • MS, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran; BS, Sharif University of Technology, Iran
  • Academic Interest: Energy conversion/storage, Atomic Layer Deposition, integrating fuel cells and solar energy

  Simranjit (Simi) Grewal
PhD Student
  • sgrewal7 (at) ucmerced.edu
  • Research topic: Nanoscale carbon and oxide for energy

  • BS, Physics & Biological Sciences, CSU Stanislaus, CA
  • Academic interest: Studying the characteristics of doped graphene variants for oxygen reduced catalysis.
  • Personal Interest: I love reading, snowboarding, & playing the piano.

  Angela Macedo Andrade
PhD Student
  • amacedoandrade (at) ucmerced.edu
  • Research topic: Carbon-based nanostructures for energy

  • BS, Bioengineering & Chemical Sciences, UC Merced
  • Academic Interest: Explore 3-D carbon electrodes and carbon nano-porous material for their application in energy storage and energy conversion
  • Personal Interest: Running, knitting and relaxing with family

  Hung-Sen Kang
PhD Student
  • hkang29 (at) ucmerced.edu
  • Research topic: Nanoscale fuel cells, atomic force microscopy-based observations

  • MS, Applied Physics, NTU, Taiwan; BS, Physics, NSYSU, Taiwan
  • Academic interest: Nanostructured devices

  Ziqi Liu
PhD Student
  • zliu56 (at) ucmerced.edu
  • Research topic: Nano-scale fuel cells, Carbon-based nanostructures for energy-conversion devices.

  • MS, Materials Science, USC, CA; BS, Materials Chemistry, Qingdao Univ. of Sci.&Tech., China.
  • Academic interest: Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials and nanostructures, energy conversion devices.

  Haoyu (Josh) Li
PhD Student
  • hli84 (at) ucmerced.edu
  • Research topic: Solid oxide fuel cells

  • BS, Physics, Drew Univ., NJ
  • Academic interest: electrochemical energy storage, Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells ,Nanomaterials and nano-structures.

  Orbel Barkhodarian
PhD Student
  • obarkhordarian (at) ucmerced.edu
  • Research topic: Solid oxide fuel cells

  • MS & BS, Mechanical Engineering, Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology, Iran
  • Academic Interest: Energy conversion and storage, fuel cells, energy systems
  • Personal Interest: Sports

Undergraduate Researchers
  Cindy Wong
Undergraduate Student
  • Cindy is a junior in Mechanical Engineering, a current NASA MACES fellow. Her primary research interest is about sensory and design applications in Energy fields or biomedical appliances. Currently working on nanoscale SOFC characterization.
  Kalvin Thongrivong
Undergraduate Student
  • Kalvin is a Mechanical Engineering major; also minoring in Management and Business Economics & Economics. His research interest is in energy storage and fossil fuels. Currently working on oxygen reduction/evolution catalyst engineering.
  Patrick Coldivar
Undergraduate Student
  • Patrick is a senior in the Mechanical Engineering. His academic interest lies in cathode electrolyte interfacing, cold-press of electrolytes, tape casting of electrodes and electrolytes. Currently working on SOFC cathode engineering and characterization.

  Dr. Chee Seng Ng
  • Worked as a visiting scholar; AFM-based SOFCs
  • Currently a postdoc at NTU, Singapore.
  Vishal Zade
  • Worked as an MS student; AFM interface
  • Currently a PhD student at U Texas El Paso.
  Oscar Huang
  • Worked as an undergrad researcher; SOFC cathode
  • Currently a PhD student at Texas A&M.
  Sean Johnson
  • Obtained MS. Worked on the SOFC cathodes
  • Works for Intel
  Brandon Fields
  • Worked as a undergrad MACES fellow (2017); SOFC cathode;
  • Returned to CSU
  Christopher Walker
  • Worked as a undergrad MACES fellow (2017); graphene-based catalysis;
  • Currently at UCM
  Adrian Villegas
  • Worked as an undergrad researcher; AFM tips
  • Currently a PhD student at UCM.
  Eshita Nandini
  • Worked as an undergrad researcher; SOFC cathode
  • Currently at UCM; Summer fellowship at Harvard.
  Brandon Read
  • Worked as an undergrad researcher; supercapacitors, ORR catalyst
  • Studying at UCLA (transfer)
  Thomas Peev
  • Worked as an undergrad researcher; ORR catalyst
  • Currently a PhD student, Aerospace Engineering at UC Davis
  Arash Tourki Samaei
  • Worked as a MS student; IT-SOFCs
  • .
  Luis Perez
  • Undergraduate researcher - worked on supercapacitor
  Eunbit Jamie Cho
  • Graduate student - worked on battery (independent study)
  • Currently working for Apple Inc.
  Savarni Singh
  • Undergraduate researcher - worked on resistive switching memory
  • COINS Summer Fellowship
  Henok Asfaw
  • Undergraduate researcher - worked on resistive switching memory
  Senam Tamakloe
  • Undergraduate researcher - worked on Li-ion battery
  • PG&E Engineering Summer Scholarship; pursuing PhD at Virginia Tech
  Yongjie Wang
  • Obtained MS degree with us
  • .
  Christopher Lee
  • Undergraduate researcher
  Evan Pournejad
  • Undergraduate researcher
  Andrew (Hyeongjoo) Moon
  • Worked as a research staff with us
  • Currently working for LG Electronics.
  Youngseok Jee
  • Worked as a postdoc scholar with us
  • Currently at U of South Carolina as a postdoc.
  Utsav Shah
  • Worked as a research staff with us
  • Currently at Master Bond Inc.
  Sanghoon Ji
  • Worked as a visiting student with us
  • Currently continuing his PhD at SNU
  Michael Anderson
  • Worked as a graduate student with us
  • .