Why Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory?

RMBL View from Galena SummitThe Colorado Rocky Mountains provide an excellent setting to assess the impacts of climate change-induced biodiversity and habitat losses in alpine environments.

The planned installation and implementation of a GLORIA target region in summer 2008 at Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL) will strengthen the existing network of sites that form latitudinal and elevation gradients within the US and throughout the world. 

These sites include the GLORIA master site based at White Mountain Research Station in the White Mountains of California and sites in California's Sierra Nevada and the northern and southern U.S. Rocky Mountains. 

The sites at RMBL lie along a latitudinal gradient within the Rockies that range from Glacier National Park in Montana south to Silverton in southern Colorado and fill an important ecological and latitudinal gap in our current understanding the effects of climate change in alpine environments.

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