What Methods Are Used For GLORIA?

Image of GLORIA methods on a generic mountain summitGLORIA uses a multi-summit approach and standardized methods that allow for comparisons among sites.  The use of simple methods and low maintenance costs of the permanent plots underpin a durable long-term operation.
The sampling design is focused on the fundamental climatic gradients (altitude, aspect, and latitude) and thus will be effective in assessing the current and future large-scale patterns of plant diversity of the world's mountains. 

On each summit, habitat characteristics, species composition, species cover, and frequency counts are recorded in sixteen, 1m x 1m quadrats.  Additional surveys on the percentage cover of surface types and percentage cover of each species in eight additional plots extending to 10m below the summit focus on detecting changes in species richness and species migrations for a total of 96 plots. 

Temperature loggers buried 10cm below the soil surface are used to record soil temperature and identify the date of snowmelt.  A complete description of methods to be used can be viewed on the international GLORIA website (http://www.gloria.ac.at).

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