Lee Research Group
Weekly Presentation:

We have a weekly group meeting at SE2-224 from 11:30 am every Wednesday. The schedule is listed below with the presenter's name and topic. Please feel free to join us if you are interested in the topic to be presented. This page may not show the updated list due to caching in your browser; please press Ctrl+r (PC) or Cmd+r (Mac) for the up-to-date list.
  • 12/7/16: Jonathan & Eshita, Literature survey on SOFCs, etc.

  • 12/1/16: Simi, Update on TiO2/graphene hybrid ORR catalysts

  • 11/16/16: Vishal, Update on Au-HOPG interface study

  • 11/9/16: Hung-Sen, AFM-based work here and other works done before joining us

  • 10/26/16: Ali, ALD-based SOFC interface and cathode engineering

  • 10/19/16: Angela, ALD-based SOFC cathode for sintering, and TiOx/GO-based catalyst

  • 10/5/16: Simi,TiO2/graphene-based ORR catalysts

  • 9/28/16: Prof. Joon Hyung Shim at Korea Univ., his research on the topic of ALD and/or low-/intermediate-temperature SOFCs

  • 9/14/16: Vishal, Evolution of gold-HOPG interfacial properties under coupled stress.

  • 9/7/16: Oscar, LNF synthesis and cathode development.

  • 8/31/16: Sean, LSCF-based cathode development with low temperature sintering.

  • 5/23/16: Angela, Ali, Chee Seng,Mock presentations for ECS Meeting.

  • 5/9/16: Ali, Mechanism study on the enhancement of noble metal cathode by oxide nano-coating

  • 4/25/16: Simi,TiO2/graphene-based ORR catalysts

  • 4/11/16: Angela, ALD-based TiO2-x ORR catalyst

  • 4/4/16: Vishal, Impact of multiple stimuli on nanoscale contact

  • 3/28/16: Sean, LSCF/GDC-based cathode fabrication for IT-SOFC

  • 3/21/16: Spring recess - No Meeting

  • 3/14/16: Simi, TiO2/graphene-based ORR catalysts

  • 3/7/16: Dr. Gustavo Brunetto, Fundamentals of molecular dynamics simulations and his recent study.

  • 2/29/16: Ali, Mechanism study on the enhancement of noble metal cathode by oxide nano-coating

  • 2/22/16: Min, EDSL research overview for 2016!

  • 2/15/16: President's Day - No Meeting

  • 2/8/16: Simi (and Thomas), Lab safety/cleaning overview

  • 12/8/15: Chee Seng, Summary of his work here at EDSL including AFM-based nano-SOFC cells and carbon/oxide hybrid supercapacitors.

  • 12/1/15: Oscar, Spin-coating cathodic interlayers for SOFC.

  • 11/24/15: Dr. Jin-Woo Han at NASA Ames, Dr. Han is a research scientist at the Center for Nanotechnology, NASA Ames Research Center. He will introduce the research currently active in his group.

  • 11/10/15: Angela, Pre-treatment of graphene for atomic layer deposition. Many thanks to Simi for treating the fantastic Indian cuisine, Chaat!

  • 11/3/15: Luis and Brandon, Graphene-based supercapacitors; literature review and preliminary work.

  • 10/27/15: Thomas, His work on atomic layer deposition and platinum nano-crystal fabrication.

  • 10/13/15: Arash, His work on colloid and slurry based deposition of metal oxides for fuel cell. Literature review and preliminary work.

  • 10/6/15: Sean, His literature review on electrolyte-supported SOFC and a brief introduction to his plan on this.

  • 9/29/15: Simi, Her recent study of carbon-based supercapacitor. Literature review and preliminary work.

  • 9/22/15: Vishal, His AFM-based study of contacts under mechanical/electrical stimuli. Literature review and preliminary work.

  • 9/11/15: Angela, Her work as an undergrad researcher at Dr. Lu's group including carbon nanostructure-based electrode fabrication.

  • 9/4/15: Chee Seng, His recent work about nano-SOFC test setup and possibly some of his recent work on carbon-based supercapacitors.

  • 8/28/15: Alireza (Ali), His recent work and plan. It will be mostly about graphene-based SOFC cathode.