E2C lab  Electrochemical Energy Conversion Lab @UC Merced
Undergraduate Research Opportunity

Lee group is seeking highly motivated undergraduate students who are interested in electrochemical energy conversion/storage devices and/or next-generation memory devices. If interested, please contact Prof. Lee at mlee49@ucmerced.edu for the opportunity at anytime.

There is also a great funded undergraduate research opportunity provided by our NASA grant. Details can be found at the MACES website. Your application is highly encouraged!

Graduate Research Opportunity

Lee group is seeking talented, highly motivated graduate students (MS or PhD). We are mostly focusing on electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices/systems such as fuel cells, ionic batteries and supercapacitors. Main interest resides in the fabrication of novel nano-structures for electrochemical energy devices and nano-/meso-/macro-scale understanding of the electrochemical/thermal/structural phenomena. Applicants is expected to have a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, materials science, chemical engineering, physics, chemistry or other related discipline.

Students will have abundant opportunities to work collaboratively with other groups on-campus and/or other institutions including UC campuses, Stanford University and national laboratories, especially those under the UC system (Lawrence Livermore, Lawrence Berkeley and Los Alamos National Laboratory).

Applicants who are interested in our group should send his/her CV to Prof. Lee at mlee49@ucmerced.edu. Inquiries can be sent to the same address.