E2C lab  Electrochemical Energy Conversion Lab @UC Merced
October 2018
  • EDSL participated in the AiMES 2018 ECS Meeting at Cancun, Mexico!

    * H. -S. Kang, H. Li and M. H. Lee, "Comparative Study: Effect of Various Wet Impregnations into LaNi1-XFexO3-d Cathodic Backbone for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells" (oral)
    * A. Macedo Andrade, Z. Liu, S. Grewal, S. J. Bai and M. H. Lee, "UiO-66 as an Effective Support of Metal Oxides for Ogygen Evolution Catalysis" (poster)
    * H. Li, H.-S. Kang, A. Karimaghaloo and M. H. Lee, "Atomic Layer Deposition Treatment on Infiltrated Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells" (poster)
    * Z. Liu, A. Macedo Andrade, S. Grewal and M. H. Lee, "Co-embedded Carbon Nano-polyhedron Supported on Functionalized Graphene Oxide for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction" (poster)

September 2018
  • Min and team Atom Lightening participated in the exciting 8-week long NSF I-Corps program! Here are some pics from the Ending session at Austin, TX.

July 2018
  • Min delivered an invited talk at the AVS 18th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2018; Incheon, Korea), and at Seoul National University.

  • Min offered a series of invited lectures on the topic of "Scanning Probe-based Nanoscale Characterization and Analysis" at Korea University, Seoul, Korea.

May 2018
  • Simi's NASA Harriett G. Jenkins Graduate Fellowship has been accepted for a final year of award renewal. Congratulations!

  • Hung-Sen's summer research is supported by NASA MACES center. Congratulations!

  • Hung-Sen and Ali passed their qualifying exam and became a PhD candidate. Congratulations!

April 2018
  • Min is awarded NSF CAREER Award. The award will fund our innovative in-situ SOFC study for the next 5 years. We greatly appreciate NSF's support!

  • Simi's paper on the critical impact of graphene functionalization for the oxygen reduction catalysis of metal oxide/grpahene hybrids is accepted by The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Congratulations!

January 2018
  • Our lab is funded by KITECH for atomic-scale surface treatments of SOFC electrodes! It is exciting to initiate the collaboration with a Korean governmental agency.

  • Vishal and Hung-Sen's paper on combined effect on interfacial nature is published in the Journal of Applied Physics. Congratulations!

December 2017
  • Chee Seng returned back to Singapore after his elaborate work on AFM-based SOFCs. We deeply appreciate his contribution in and out of the lab.

November 2017
  • Two of our proposals to Molecular Foundry were accepted for high resolution TEM/STEM. Thank you for the support!

October 2017
  • Simi presented her recent work on new ORR catalysts at the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston. Congrats!

August 2017
  • Two new PhD students, Ziqi Liu and Haoyu (Joshua) Li, joined the group. Welcome!

  • Sean successfully defended his MS presentation. And he recent accepted a great offer from Intel. Congratulations! He will move to Oregon soon. We all will miss you. Best wishes.

July 2017
  • Simi is awarded the third year (the final year) NASA ASTAR fellowship! Congratulations!

  • Ali presented his recent work on ALD-based SOFC functionalization at the ECS SOFC XV at Hollywood, Florida. Congrats!

June 2017
  • Youngseok and Ali's work on graphene-based SOFC cathode is published in Fuel Cells as the Front Cover article of the June issue. Congratulations!

May 2017
  • Simi presented her recent exiciting work entitled "TiO2 Supported By Acid Treated Graphene Oxide As an Oxygen Reduction Catalysts" at the ECS meeting, New Orleans, LA. Congrats!

  • Lee group is awarded UCM Senate Faculty Fund for our initiation of methane reforming catalysis study!

April 2017
  • Our report in collaboration with U of Alabama on innovative AFM-based mechanism study of resistive switching is published in Scientific Reports. Congratulations!

March 2017
  • Ali's recent work about the mechanism of oxygen reduction process on ALD-functionalized SOFC cathode is published in ACS Omega. Congratulations!

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