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Learning to Scooba in Tayrona National Park — Santa Marta, Colombia


  1. MIST 207: Data Science (Summary) Introduces the data analytics pipeline relevant to graduate research work: obtaining raw unstructured data; cleaning, organizing, merging and identifying potential pitfalls in the data; exploring and visualizing the underlying statistics; introduction to preliminary stochastic, generative and econometric modeling methods. Lectures introduce best-practices for handling and analyzing large multi-scale datasets using examples drawn from open-data repositories. Students expected to have a relevant research dataset in mind prior to enrollment.
    UCMerced: Graduate - Fall 2021

  2. MIST 060: Introductory Data Analytics (Summary) Introduces the data-for-decision-making paradigm through the lens of the Wolfram computing suite – comprised of WolframAlpha, the Mathematica language, and computable notebooks. Lectures introduce methods and best practices of data collection, integration and visualization, together reinforced via team exercises drawing on real-world domains. To facilitate explorative autodidactic learning, students will learn how to self-instruct new coding skills by using Mathematica Document Center ‘help pages’ in conjunction with myriad open coding demonstrations.
    UCMerced: Undergraduate - Fall 2021, 2022, 2023

  3. MIST 135: Technical Communication and Visualization Skills (Summary) Theory of effective communication in quantitative contexts drawing on various presentation modes – written, oral, graphical, powerpoint, poster. Seminars on theory and best-practices combined with individual and team project presentations. Opportunity to improve inquiry-oriented communication skills, to give and receive constructive feedback, and to learn graphical methods for developing striking visualizations.
    UCMerced: Undergraduate - Fall 2019

  4. MIST 134: Methods of Data & Network Science (Summary) Explores methods to efficiently manage and analyze large complex datasets. The computer lab will introduce the Python programming language with a focus on extracting data from websites, exploring, and inquiry-oriented analyses and visualizations. Introduction to network science theory useful in understanding and managing complex socio-technological systems.
    UCMerced: Undergraduate - Spring 2019

  5. SPARK: Science of Science (Summary) Introduces students to life at a research university. Students focus on the nature of inquiry by exploring a particular topic over the course of the semester, approaching it from multiple perspectives and possibly multiple disciplines. Students learn how to generate research questions, engage with campus and/or local resources, and think critically. Students synthesize and present their ideas in writing and other forms of communication (visual, oral, and/or numerical).
    UCMerced: Undergraduate - Spring 2019, 2022

  6. MIST 203: Quantitative Tools for Management (Summary) Introduces concepts and methods for data-driven analysis and decision-making in complex interacting human-environment systems. Lectures on fundamental ingredients of complexity drawing on real-world examples. Lectures on decision making in scenarios involving qualitative, quantitative, and statistical information. Lectures and computational exercises introducing best-practices for data-oriented analysis. Computational exercises will draw on a combination of individual and team project presentations, providing valuable opportunity to practice and improve quantitative communication skills.
    UCMerced: Graduate - Masters of Management program - Fall 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
    Masters of Management program curriculum

  7. COGS 180 (Topics in Cognitive Science): Visualization & Presentation
    UCMerced: Undergraduate - Fall 2016, Spring 2017, 2018

  8. Data analytics and visualization for Economics and Management Science
    IMT Lucca: Graduate Short Course - Spring 2016

  9. Mathematics precourse - methods of statistics and stochastic systems
    IMT Lucca: Graduate Short Course - Spring 2012, 2013, Fall 2013, 2014