Chemistry and single molecule measurement at bio/nano interfaces

The central theme of our research efforts is to measure and control single biomolecules and biologically inspired nanostructures at interfaces. We are using and developing sophisticated nanoscience tools to greatly improve understanding of biomolecules on model biosensor surfaces. We are ultilizing these insights to create biosensors with substantially improved reliability, sensitivity and selectivity.

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Latest news:


Oct,2018,Qufei, Warren and Huan published a JACS article.

Sep, 2018,Warren Nanney published a Langmuir article.

Aug, 2018, Group celebrates Alex and Angel’s accomplishments in the summer and bids them farewell..

Aug, 2018, In collaboration with the Martini group, the Ye group received a NSF grant to develop super-resolution atomic force microscopy for imaging biofunctional surfaces.

Jul, 2018, Eric Josephs, a former graduate student, will start his tenure track faculty position in UNC Greensboro..

June, 2018, Two summer undergraduate research fellows, Angel Avalos from CSU Stanislaus and Gloria-Alexandra Gueorguieva from UC Berkeley, started their summer research in the lab.

May, 2018, Melissa wins a Fall CCBM fellowship. Warren wins a Fall MACES fellowship.

May, 2018, Melissa, Warren, and Yehan passed their Ph.D. candidacy exams. Congratulations!


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