Hydrology & biogeochemistry of mountain basins
Mountain hydrology & biogeochemistry

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With Roger Bales' move to UC Merced in 2003, his research group is undertaking a new projects on the hydrology and biogeochemistry of seasonally snow-covered catchments. The Sierra Nevada is close at hand, and there are excellent opportunities for field research, modeling of snow and watershed processes, and remote sensing.

Gin Flat pilot study using embedded sensor network for spatial snow measurements -- collaboration with JPL 

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Current projects

Programs created and used by the group

Current project team

  • Robert Rice, postdoctoral researcher
  • Fengjing Liu, postdoctoral researcher
  • Student openings. contact Roger Bales:


  • Noah Molotch, graduate student (now postdoc at CIRES-CU)
  • Kevin Dressler, graduate student (now researcher at Penn state)
  • Steven Fassnacht, postdoc (now professor at CSU)
  • Brad Cadle, graduate student
  • Don Cline, postdoc (now at NWS-NOHRSC)
  • Bob Harrington, graduate student (Now researcher in Bishop, CA)
  • Tom Meixner, graduate student (now Professor at U. Arizona)
  • Jeff Shaw, graduate student
  • Chris Gutmann, graduate student
  • Brad Wolaver, graduate student
  • Ross Wolford, graduate student
  • Remigio Galarraga-Sanchez, graduate student (now professor in Quito)

Selected publications

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Links to other place of interest

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