Current Semester: Spring 2013

PHYS-237: Graduate Quantum Mechanics I

PHYS-195: Undergraduate Research

PHYS-196: Undergraduate Research

PHYS-295: Graduate Research

PHYS-198: Undergraduate Directed Group Study

PHYS-298: Graduate Directed Group Study

Join Us

Undergraduates, Graduates, and anyone else interested in learning about man-made quantum structures are welcome to participate in our group meetings. We discuss recently published papers relevant to our work, and of course our own research-ongoing experiments, data analysis, and interpretations. In Spring 2013 we meet Monday at 8:30am in SSM 150.

At various group meetings, group members present interesting publications they find and wish to share with the rest of the group.

Previous Semesters

PHYS-105: Analytic Mechanics (Spring 2011)

PHYS-195: Undergraduate Research (Summer 2011, Fall 2012)

PHYS-205: Graduate Classical Mechanics (Fall 2012)

PHYS-293: Physics Seminar (Fall 2012)

PHYS-237: Graduate Quantum Mechanics I (Fall 2009, Fall2010, Fall 2011)

PHYS-298: Graduate Directed Group Study (Fall 2012)

PHYS-299: Directed Independent Study (Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Fall 2011)

PHYS-295: Graduate Research (Fall/Spring 2009-2012)

PHYS-292: Special Topics in Physics/Journal Club (Fall 2009)