Luis Omar Salinas

Salinas, Luis Omar. Crazy Gypsy. Fresno, CA: Orígenes, 1970.
Cover: Tony Perales and John Sierra.

Salinas, Luis Omar. Crazy Gypsy. 1970. Fresno, CA: Orígenes, 1971.

Entrance: 4 Chicano Poets. Greenfield Center, NY: The Greenfield Review Press, 1975.

Salinas, Luis Omar. I Go Dreaming Serenades. San José, CA: Mango Publications, 1979.
Cover: No information stated.

Salinas, Luis Omar. Afternoon of the Unreal. Fresno, CA: Abramás Publications, 1980.

Salinas, Luis Omar. Prelude to Darkness. San José, CA: Mango Publications, 1981.

Salinas, Luis Omar. Darkness Under the Trees / Walking Behind the Spanish. Berkeley, CA: Chicano Studies Library-University of California, 1982.

Salinas, Luis Omar. The Sadness of Days. Houston: Arte Público Press, 1987.

Salinas, Luis Omar. The Survivors. N.p.: Halcyon Press, 1989.

Salinas, Luis Omar. Follower of Dusk. Chico, CA: Flume Press, 1991.

Salinas, Luis Omar. Nights with Cervantes. N.p.: By Hand Press, 1997.

Salinas, Luis Omar. Sometimes Mysteriously. Anchorage, AK: Salmon Run Press, 1997.

Salinas, Luis Omar. Greatest Hits, 1969-1996. Johnstown, OH: Pudding House Press, 2002.

Salinas, Luis Omar. Elegy for Desire. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2005.

Salinas, Luis Omar. Messenger to the Stars: A Luis Omar Salinas New Selected Poems and Reader. Huntington Beach, CA: Tebot Bach, 2014.

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