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An explanation of Spanish surnames

In Spain, every person's surname is formed by two parts:

  1. The first part of the father's surname.
  2. The first part of the mother's surname.
Sometimes each part of the surname can be a compound surname itself, which leads to very long names (but not as long as the Portuguese ones!).

For example, my father is called Jesús Carreira Fernández and my mother María Cristina de los Ángeles Perpiñán González (their respective surnames being in boldface). Consequently, my name is Miguel Ángel Carreira Perpiñán, although to adapt it to the English use I sometimes employ the form Miguel A. Carreira-Perpinan. Note that Mr. Perpinan is not the correct way to address me; Mr. Carreira-Perpinan or Mr. Carreira are both correct.

This also applies to bibliographic citations, see my publications page for examples. The LaTeX encoding of my name is Miguel {\'A}.\ Carreira-Perpi{\~n}{\'a}n.

Although not particularly difficult in Spanish, my surname is rarely spelled correctly in the correspondence I receive. I have collected these misspellings over the years. They range from the simple typo to the surreal.

The phonetic transcription of my name (according to the International Phonetic Association alphabet) is

[Image (gif 1K): Phonetic transciption of my name]

You can listen to its pronunciation (in my Madrid accent) and see its spectrogram.

Mandarin speakers may wish to call me [Image (gif 0.2K): mi3ge2er3 (Pinyin form of my name)].

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