Carolyn Dicey Jennings

Carolyn Dicey Jennings with Scout and Sheba at Yosemite National Park, December 2015 Welcome to my website! I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science at UC Merced. My primary research is in the field of philosophy, but is strongly influenced by work in the psychological and brain sciences. My main theoretical findings can be found in my published papers: attention is a directing of the mind by the subject (Synthese 2012) that is necessary for the subject to gather information from the world, and so is necessary for perception (Phil Studies 2015; Proceedings... 2015), but not for consciousness (JAPA 2015; Con & Cog 2012), action (Analysis 2016), or responsibility (under review), each of which can involve a more basic relationship between the subject and its world. I am currently working on a book, The Attending Mind, and some papers. The photo to the left was taken in Yosemite National Park in December 2015 with my dogs, Scout and Sheba.

Questions? Contact me at cjennings3 (at)

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