ES Computer Program

The ES computer program is a user-friendly point-and-click program to compute (mostly) a d-statistic from a wide variety of kinds of input. The manual explains the overall functioning of the program and the algebra associated with each method. Copyright used to be owned by the University of Memphis, but in 2013 they approved returning ownership of the software to me. Users are encouraged to distribute the software and manual as they find useful.

The Attrition Analyzer

A PC computer program called the Attrition Analyzer was  referenced in Footnote 2, page 5, of:

Shadish, W.R., Hu, X., Glaser, R.R., Kownacki,  R.J., & Wong, T. (1998).  A method for exploring the effects of attrition in  randomized experiments with dichotomous outcomes. Psychological Methods, 3,  3-22.