[Version en español en preparación]

As of this writing (January, 2021), I am developing four new sections: Cover Artists, Literary Journals, Presses, and Literatura en español.

I very much appreciate user interest and suggestions on developing other areas as well.

One of my near-future goals is to integrate this project with the data I have collected in my database on Chicano/a/x literature intertexts, which now contains more than 60,000 cross-referenced entries (CLID)

Life permitting, my hope is to be able to include over the years all books by and about Chicano/a/xs, regardless of genre or field.

Because I have neither staff nor funding, all new developments will have to proceed at a slow pace, but I will continue to update and enhance the site as time permits.

So... stay tuned for all of those areas some of you have suggested already: literary criticism, art, history, etc.

Thanks for using the site!

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