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UC Merced

Angel K. Kongsomboonvech, Felipe Rodriguez, Anh L. Diep, Brandon M. Justice, Brayan E. Castallanos, Ana Camejo, Debanjan Mukhopadhyay, Gregory A. Taylor, Masahiro Yamamoto, Jeroen P.J. Saeij, Michael L. Reese, Kirk D. C. Jensen. Naïve CD8 T cell IFNγ responses to a vacuolar antigen are regulated by an inflammasome-independent NLRP3 pathway and Toxoplasma gondii ROP5. Pre-print bioRxiv 2020.

April C. Apostol, Kirk D. C. Jensen, Anna E. Beaudin. Training the Fetal Immune System Through Maternal Inflammation—A Layered Hygiene Hypothesis. Frontiers in Immunology, February 2020, Volume 11, Article 123.

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Kirk D. C. Jensen. Antigen Presentation of Vacuolated Apicomplexans – Two Gateways to a Vaccine Antigen. Spotlight Article.  Trends in Parasitology, 32(2):88-90; 2016.

Postdoctoral work at MIT

Musa A. Hassan, Kirk D. Jensen, Vincent Butty, Kenneth Hu, Erwan Boedec, Pjotr Prins, Jeroen P. J. Saeij. Transcriptional and Linkage Analyses Identify Loci that Mediate the Differential Macrophage Response to Inflammatory Stimuli and Infection. PLOS Genetics, 11(10):e1005619; 2015.

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Kirk D. C. Jensen, Kenneth Hu, Ryan J. Whitmarsh, Musa A. Hassan, Lindsay Julien, Diana Lu, Lieping Chen, Christopher A. Hunter, Jeroen P. J. Saeij. Toxoplasma rhoptry kinase ROP16 promotes host resistance to oral infection and intestinal inflammation only in the context of the dense granule protein GRA15. Infection and immunity, 81(6): 2156-2167. ‘Article of significant interest’ selected by the editors, see Research Spotlight: Infection and Immunity, 81(6): 1859; 2013.

Mussa A Hassan, Mariane B. Melo, Brian Haas, Kirk D. C. Jensen, Jeroen P. J. Saeij. De novo reconstruction of the Toxoplasma gondii transcriptome improves on the current genome annotation and reveals alternatively spliced transcripts and putative long non-coding RNAs. BMC Genomics: 13:696; 2012.

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Emily E. Rosowski, Diana Lu, Lindsay Julien, Lauren Rodda, Rogier A. Gaiser, Kirk D. C. Jensen, Jeroen P.J. Saeij. Strain-specific activation of the NF-kappaB pathway by GRA15, a novel Toxoplasma gondii dense granule protein. Journal of Experimental Medicine 208(1):195-212; 2011.

Graduate work at Stanford University

Michael S. Kuhns, Andrew T. Girvin, Lawrence O. Klein, Rebecca Chen, Kirk D. C. Jensen, Evan W. Newell, Johannes B. Huppa, Björn F. Lillemeier, Morgan Huse, Yueh-hsiu Chien, K. Christopher Garcia, and Mark M. Davis. Evidence for a functional sidedness to the αβTCR. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107(11): 5094-5099; 2010.

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Kirk D. C. Jensen and Yueh-hsiu Chien. Thymic maturation determines γδ T cell function, but not their antigen specificities. Current Opinions in Immunology, 21(2):140-145, 2009.

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Master’s thesis at the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

Kirk D. C. Jensen, Eli Sercarz, Cluadia Raja-Gabaglia. Altered peptide ligands can modify the Th2 T cell response to the immunodominant 161-175 peptide of LACK (Leishmania homolog for the receptor of activated C kinase). Molecular Immunology 46(3): 366-374; 2009.