Jensen Lab July 2019

Postdoctoral researchers

Juan Sanchez Ph.D. [August 2019] –
Graduated with his doctoral degree from FIOCRUZ, Rio De Janeiro. Juan has a wealth of experience in the immunology of human infectious diseases, and is interested in finding a vaccine for parasites.

Graduate students

Angel Kongsomboonvech [5th year]
Graduated from UCLA and received her Master’s degree from Quinnipiac University. Angel is interested in all things parasites, and how T. gondii virulence factors manipulate CD8 T cell responses.

Scott Souza [4th year]
Graduated from California State University Channel Islands.  Scott is investigating how B cells mediate protective immunity to T. gondii.

Julia Alvarez [2nd year]
Graduated from UC Merced. Julia is interested in gene network analysis of B cells and the immune response to parasites. Current Vice President of RadioBio, and active baking blogger.

Research associate

Felipe Rodriguez – [Research Associate]
Graduated with a Biology degree from UC Merced. Felipe was a UC Leads scholar, former undergraduate researcher in the lab and is interested in immunology and utilizing CRISPR technology to manipulate pathogens.

Undergraduate researchers

Brooke Wilson [Sophomore] – Brooke is an aspiring pediatrician and immunologists. She joined the lab April 2019.

Safuwra Wizzard – [Senior]
Safuwra is a budding young immunologist and plans to pursue a career in medically related research. She also works for the SCIF. She joined the lab in June 2019.

Jennifer Eggleston – [Junior]
Jennifer is looking forward to pursing research in the fields of immunology and microbiology.

Past members