The UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) is the branch of the University tasked with improving the lives of Californians by promoting key public values in every countyUCCE educators partner with local stakeholders to disseminate best practices and offer evidence-based programs and solutions derived from research and technology developed at the University. As UCCE Specialist, Dr. Díaz Rios collaborates with fellow academics and community partners to identify and address community nutrition and youth development research and programatic needs.

Families with Young Children Workgroup

As part of this workgroup, Dr. Díaz Rios is working with Dr. Lenna Ontai and UC ANR academics to support educators in the delivery of Healthy Happy Families, an educational series on parental feeding practices. She helps to plan and deliver Child Feeding Community of Practice Webinars for UC CalFresh nutrition educators to develop skills and share best-practices on the Healthy Happy Families content. She also contributes to creating new and adapting existing resources in response to emergent educational needs and scientific evidence.

Blum Center

Dr. Díaz Rios is supporting the Blum Center’s current vision of promoting food security through research and collaborative partnerships to leverage efforts to improve access to nutritious food and basic needs at UC Merced. Her team is working with the GFI Basic Needs Workgroup to evaluate food security initiatives and increase nutrition education capacity at UC Merced.