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Applied Controls Laboratory

The following is a list of my research projects that I have worked in the past few years. Some are still active, others are done. Contact me for more updated information.

  1. Combinatory mechanical characterization of nano-bio-fibers
  2. Variable resistance devices for physical rehabilitation with MR fluids
  3. Analysis and control of nonlinear deterministic and stochastic systems
  4. Structural optimization for sound transmission for aerospace applications
  5. Random fatigue of structures
  6. Automatic velocity control and tactile feedback control of drive-by-wire and steer-by-wire precision farming machines
  7. Polymer foam characterization for sound absorption and loss applications

Check the Research page for more discussions. You can meet my graduate and undergraduate students and find out about their study and life in the lab. If you are interested in my publications, click Publications.

Interested in studying with me for a graduate degree or gaining undergraduate research experience? Send me an email jqsun@ucmerced.edu. I hire undergraduate and graduate students all the time.











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