University of California Merced, 2018-present

BIO 141: Evolution

Offered in Fall 2018

Dr. Bennett is teaching general undergraduate Evolution every other fall.

BIO/ES: Undergraduate Insect Ecology and Evolution

Offered in Spring 2019.

Dr. Bennett will be offering a modernized General Entomology class focusing on insect Ecology and Evolution.

QSB Graduate Course: Animal-Microbe Symbioses

Offered in Fall 2019.

Course focusing on the functional and evolutionary relationships of animals and their microbial partners. Class includes a lab component with the aim of publishing real a scientific paper.

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University of Hawaii Manoa, 2015-2017

PEPS 310 General Entomology and Lab

Fall 2016, 2017

Undergraduate entomology focusing on insect evolution, function, and ecology. Lab component includes collecting, curating, and preserving an insect collection.

PEPS 710 Graduate Seminar: Genome Evolution and Speciation

Spring 2016

A one credit course for upper-level undergraduates and grad students. Advances in molecular genetics and evolutionary theory have expanded our understanding of how life on earth has evolved. New technologies in genome sequencing, gene expression, and epigenetics have paved the way for a deeper understanding of how genome structure and function govern organismal biology. It has become clear that the genome is the canvass on which evolutionary processes do their work. Whether through adaptation to novel environments, coevolution between interacting species, sexual selection, or random processes – changes in the genome govern how organisms evolve to fit the world in which they live. This seminar explores the broad question of how evolution operates on genome architecture and function to shape species evolution, environmental adaptations, and evolutionary dead-ends. Specific emphasis is placed on methods for studying the impact of mutation, recombination, and genetic drift on genome architecture and function. Time will also be spent discussing the evolution of the human genome.

PEPS 710 Graduate Seminar: Graduate Seminar in Entomology: Insect-Microbe Interactions

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This course will explore the broad range of symbiotic interactions that insects have with microbes. We will survey current and classical literature to understand a range of topics that include beneficial symbioses, parasites, agricultural and human pathogens, etc. Specific emphasis will be placed on current topics and research.

PEPS 686: Insect-Microbial Interactions (3) (2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab)

In-depth study of the molecular and cellular interactions between microbes and insects. Course will delve into topics covering nutritional mutualisms, manipulative parasites, plant pathogens, and animal disease. Discussions will cover relevant microbiological and molecular techniques.

Course Updates

BIO 141: Evolution

PEPS 363/363L: General Entomology

In progress - will be adapted for UCM

PEPS 686: Grad Seminar on Insect-Microbe Interactions

In progress - will be adapted for UCM