Hi! I'm Carolyn Dicey Jennings.

Philosopher and Cognitive Scientist.

Carolyn Dicey Jennings

About Me

I am Associate Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science at University of California, Merced. I published my first book, The Attending Mind, with Cambridge University Press in 2020. I have now finished a second short book, Mental Control, which is under contract with Cambridge University Press, and a co-edited volume, Mind, Cognition, and Neuroscience: A Philosophical Introduction, which is forthcoming with Routledge. Much of my work is centered around attention: how we are able to direct our minds through attention and what impact this has on other functions of the mind. I also have a long-standing research project focused on job placement for philosophy PhDs, Academic Placement Data and Analysis, funded for much of its existence by the American Philosophical Association. That project is in the process of converting to a Board of Directors model, likely in 2022. Outside of work I am a certified yoga teacher and an uncertified (but keen) gardener. I live with my husband and two dogs in Merced.

Upcoming and Recent Talks

Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy, June 2021: Panel on Women in Philosophy with Heather Demarest

Society for Philosophy and Psychology, June 2021: "Strategic Automaticity and Attention-Based Control: Two Sources of Action and Responsibility"

London School of Economics Conference Keynote, July 2021: "Diversity and Inclusion in Philosophy: A Focus on Women"

CUNY Graduate Center Cognitive Science Speaker Series, September 2021: Attention, Technology, and Creativity



  • The Attending Mind
  • Ch 1: Introduction
  • Ch 2: The Philosophical Landscape on Attention
  • Ch 3: Attention, Mental Causation, and the Self
  • Ch 4: Attention, Perception, and Knowledge
  • Ch 5: Attention, Consciousness, and Habitual Behavior
  • Ch 6: Attention, Action, and Responsibility
  • Ch 7: Conclusion
  • 2020

    Cambridge University Press
  • Mental Control
  • Prologue
  • Ch. 1: What is Mental Control
  • Ch. 2: The Emergence of Control
  • Ch. 3: Mind Wandering
  • Ch 4: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Epilogue
  • Under Contract

    Cambridge University Press
  • Mind, Cognition, and Neuroscience: A Philosophical Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Background Knowledge
  • Part 2: Classical Debates
  • Part 3: Consciousness
  • Part 4: Crossing Boundaries
  • Glossary
  • In Press


Book Reviews


Nico Silins. CUP Review.

“While centered on attention, the self, and action, the breadth of Carolyn Dicey Jennings’ rich work is extraordinary, with important discussions of a wide range of subfields of philosophy (not to mention Cat Power), informed by an uncommon openness to a diverse range of resources in past and present philosophy and psychology.”


J. R. Shook. Choice Reviews.

"In this concise, lucid book … Jennings offers a reconciliation between agent-centered freedom and compatibilism. Philosophical psychology is enriched by this valuable exploration."


Paper Downloads

Attention, Technology, and Creativity (Part of the essay collection from the 2021 HOS Workshop at Princeton on the theme of Attention, to be published in 2022)

The Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Diversity of Philosophy Students and Faculty in the United States: Recent Data from Several Sources (2021) Philosophical Topics

Attention in Skilled Behavior: an Argument for Pluralism (2021) Review of Philosophy and Psychology

Too much attention, too little self? (2020) Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

Practical Realism about the Self (2020) Common Sense Metaphysics: Themes From the Philosophy of Lynne Rudder Baker

The Diversity and Inclusivity Survey: Final Report (2019) APA Funded Projects

The Diversity and Inclusivity Survey for Philosophy PhD Students and Graduates: Preliminary 2018 Report APA Funded Projects

Toward a Neurophysiological Foundation for Altered States of Consciousness (2018) Brain and Behavioral Sciences

I Attend, Therefore I Am (2017) Aeon

Academic Placement Data and Analysis: 2017 Final Report APA Funded Projects

Women in Philosophy (2017) Public Affairs Quarterly

Action without Attention (2016) Analysis

Academic Placement Data and Analysis: 2016 Final Report APA Funded Projects

Consciousness without Attention (2015) Journal of the American Philosophical Association

Attention and Perceptual Organization (2015) Philosophical Studies

The Standard Theory of Conscious Perception (2015)Proceedings of the Cognitive Science Society

Academic Placement Data and Analysis: 2015 Report Update APA Funded Projects

Academic Placement Data and Analysis: 2015 Final Report APA Funded Projects

Attention by Wayne Wu (2014) Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

The Subject of Attention (2012) Synthese

Inductive Parsimony and the Methodological Argument (2012) Consciousness & Cognition

Properly Pragmatic: A Response to Corns and Campbell (2012) Consciousness & Cognition

The Ego Tunnel by Thomas Metzinger (2010) Journal of Consciousness Studies

It Takes Two: Ethical Dualism in the Vegetative State (2009) Neuroethics

Contact Me

5200 N. Lake Road, Merced CA 95343

Phone: +1 209 600 9654

Email: cjennings3@ucmerced.edu