Papers and Books

Journal Publications

Eaton, C. (Forthcoming) Agile Predators: Private Equity and the Spread of Shareholder Value to U.S. For-Profit Colleges. Socio-Economic Review. (Covered in Inside Higher Ed).

Eaton, C., Howell, S., & Yannelis, C. (Forthcoming). When Investor Incentives and Consumer Interests Diverge: Private Equity in Higher Education. Review of Financial Studies. (Covered in Institutional Investor and Market Watch).  NBER Working Paper Version.

Eaton, C. & Stevens, M. (2020). Universities as peculiar organizations. Sociology Compass. Publication Website. PDF

Eaton, C., Kulkarni, S., Birgeneau, R., Brady, H., & Hout, M. (2019). The Organizational Ecology of College Affordability: Research Activity, State Grant Aid Policies, and Student Debt at U.S. Public Universities. Socius, 5, 1–19 (Covered in the Washington Post). Publication Website

Eaton, C. (2017). The Ivory Tower Tax Haven: State and Financialization in the Rise of College Endowment Inequality, 1976-2012. Just Public Finance. The Haas Institute for Equity and Inclusion, UC Berkeley. (Covered in The New York Times and Newsweek). Publication Website

Eaton, C., Habinek, J., Goldstein, A., Dioun, C., Osley-Thomas, R., García Santibáñez Godoy, D. (2016). The Financialization of U.S. Higher Education. Socio-Economic Review, 14(3), 507-535. (Covered in TIME). Publication Website

Eaton, C., Weir, M. (2015). The Power of Coalitions: Advancing the Public in California’s Public-Private Welfare State. Politics & Society, 43(1), 3-32. Publication Website

Eaton, C., Habinek, J., Kumar, M., Roehrkasse, A., Stover, T. L., Thompson, J. (2013). Swapping Our Future: How Students and Taxpayers Are Funding Risky UC Borrowing and Wall Street Profits. Berkeley Journal of Sociology, 57, 177-199. (covered in The San Francisco Chronicle). Publication Website

Book Reviews

Eaton, C. (2017). [Review of the book Best, J., Best, E. The Student Loan Mess: How Good Intentions Created a Trillion-Dollar Problem. Oakland, CA: University of California Press. 2014]. Contemporary Sociology, 46, 659-661. Publication Website

Works in Progress

Eaton, C. Bankers in the Ivory Tower: The Rise of Finance in U.S. Higher Education and Society. (Book manuscript in progress). (Covered in Detroit Free Press.)

Goldstein, A. & Eaton, C. Asymmetry by Design: Identity Obfuscation, Reputational Pressure, and Consumer Predation in U.S. For-Profit Higher Education.

Eaton, C., Gibadullina, A. The Social Circuitry of High Finance: Universities and Intimate Ties Among Economic Elites.

Eaton, C. Debt Free College and Student Out-of-Pocket Costs: The Case of California.

Eaton, C. Planning Poverty: Plantation Agricultural and Urban Growth Machines in Two California Metro Areas, 1970 to 2010.

Eaton, C. From Fields to Ghettos: Residential Segregation and the Persistence of Poverty in the Urbanization of U.S. Plantation Regions, 1977-2010.