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ITT Data for Download


Country-Year Data Information

    Country-Year Data Introduction Paper

    Country-Year Data User Guide

Country-Year Data

    Country-Year (CY) Level of Torture Data

        (Revised 13 July 2012)   

    Country-Year, Agency of Control (CYAoC) Level of Torture Data       

        (Revised 13 July 2012)      

    Country-Year, Victim Type (CYVT) Level of Torture Data   

        (Revised 13 July 2012)  

    Country-Year, Agency of Control, Victim Type (CYAoCVT) Level of Torture

        (Revised 13 July 2012)  

Specific Allegation Data Information

    Specific Allegation Data Introduction Paper

    Specific Allegation Data User Guide 

Specific Allegation Data

    Specific Allegation (SA) Data

        (Revised 13 March 2013)  

The ITT Project measures allegations of states' violations of the Convention Against Torture published by Amnesty International (AI) during the years 1995 to 2005. The data come in two basic units of observations: the Country-Year and the Specific Allegation. To determine which dataset is most appropriate for your purposes, please begin with the User's Guides below or the FAQ.

The following map shows AI country-year torture allegations in 1995. To view a video of these allegations over time from 1995 to 2005, please click HERE.