EECS 290: EECS Seminar

Fall 2014

Course Description

The EECS program has a weekly seminar. The schedule can be found in here.


Time:  Friday, 12:00-1:00pm, in CLASSROOM 267.

Organizer: Sungjin Im, SE2 214, sim3 at ucmerced

Grading Policy: There will be about 13~14 talks this semester. To pass the course, you should not miss more than 3 talks without ‘good’ excuses. Such excuses include illness and academic travel. In case of absence due to illness, students need to show the proof to the organizer such as letter from a doctor. In the latter case, students should email the instructor Cc’ing their advisor. Students should consult with the organizer for other types of excuses. During the seminar, a sign-up sheet will be circulated; do not forget to sign your name.


·         Be respectful to speakers. Speakers spend a lot of time to prepare their talks. If they are from outside, they spend extra time to come to the campus. Please arrive before the seminar starts, and try to stay until the talk ends unless you have something urgent to take care of.

·         Broaden your thoughts. A large number of talks may be only loosely connected to your research. However, you may work later with people in other areas you are not familiar with. Picking up ideas from speakers in other areas is an important research skill you need to learn.

·         Learn presentation skills. Good presentation skills can help your career even if you do not go to academia after graduation. Also research is a social activity. Good presentation will give you more collaboration opportunities. Remember that presentation is the most effective way of advertising your work together with research publications.


To speak in the seminar

·         Please send the organizer the talk title and abstract along with the speaker name and affiliation. Every Ph.D. student in EECS is required to give at least two open technical seminars during their residence; see the EECS policies for details. Giving a talk in the EECS seminar is an effective way of fulfilling this requirement.