Center for Early Cognition and Language


The Center for Early Cognition and Language is a new research center at UC Merced that opened in 2011 under the direction of Assistant Professor Rose Scott. At the center, we investigate how children between 1 and 4 years of age become part of their social world.

Many of our studies explore how children make sense of other people's actions and emotions. Do they understand that other people goals and preferences, and that these things affect how people behave? Do toddlers realize that people can be mistaken about the world?

We also investigate how children learn language. When children hear a new word, how do they figure out what it might mean? What kinds of information do they need in order to make a first guess about the word's meaning? And how does their understanding of the word change over time?

All of our studies are made possible by the generous participation of parents and children. If you are interested in having your child participate, visit our For Parents page for more information.