Speak to Me from Dreams (Bárbara Brinson Curiel)
Berkeley: Third Woman Press, 1989

Divided in three sections (“María La O,” “María Dolores,” and “María Yo”), the book includes poems on the Chicanø experience (such as “The Strawberry Pickers”), on the literary tradition (e.g. “Yerma”), as well as on the intergenerational negotiation of tradition and chance (as in “Recipe: Chorizo con Huevo Made in the Microwave”).

Poemario dividido en tres secciones (“María La O,” “María Dolores” y “María Yo”). Incluye piezas sobre la experiencia chicana (e.g. “The Strawberry Pickers”), la tradición literaria (e.g. “Yerma”) y la negociación intergeneracional de tradición y cambio (como en el caso de “Recipe: Chorizo con Huevo Made in the Microwave”).

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