Anthologies, 2021-present

Gutiérrez y Muhs, Gabriella, Juan Velasco, and Armando Miguélez, eds. In xóchitl in cuicatl: Floricanto. Poemario chicanx/latinx contemporáneo (1920-2020) . Madrid: Editorial Polibea, 2021.
Cover: Veronica Eldredge.

Hernández, Alex, Matthew D. Goodwin, and Sarah R. García, eds. Speculative Fiction for Dreamers: A Latinx Anthology. Columbus, OH: Mad Creek Books, 2021.

Miguélez Martínez, Armando, and Óscar Somoza Urquídez, comps. Semblanzas navideñas en Aztlán, 1914-1954. Middleton, DE: Colibrí Books, 2021.

Somoza, Óscar U., and Armando Miguélez Martínez, comps. La zorra y el cangrejo y otros cuentos, 1856-1929 / The Fox & the Crab and Other Stories. Middleton, DE: Colibrí Books, 2021.

Troncoso, Sergio, ed. Nepantla Familias: An Anthology of Mexican-American Literature on Families in Between Worlds. College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, 2021.

Longoria, Margarita, ed. Living Beyond Borders: Growing Up Mexican in America. New York: Viking Children's Books, 2022.

Longoria, Margarita, ed. Más allá de la frontera: Crecer como mexicano en Estados Unidos. New York: Viking Children's Books, 2022.

Porvenir, ¡ya! Citlalzazanilli Mexicatl: Chicano Science Fiction Anthology, El. Berkeley, CA: Somos en Escrito Foundation Press, 2022.

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