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Chávez, Fray Angélico. La Conquistadora: The Autobiography of an Ancient Statue. 1954. With Padre Pio, by Oscar de Liso, Sorrow Built a Bridge, by Katherine Burtton, and excerpts from Mystics of Our Time: Isaac Thomas Hecker, by Hilda Graef. Garden City, NJ: Catholic Family Book Club, 1963.

García, Luis. The Calculated Lion. Santiago de Chile: Ediciones Renovación, 1963.

Pérez, Luis. The Girls of the Pink Feather. North Hollywood, CA: Carousel, 1963.

Rechy, John. City of Night. New York: Grove Press, 1963.

Rechy, John. Cité de la nuit [City of Night]. 1963. Paris: Gallimard, 1963.

Rendón, Gabino, with Edith Agnew. Hand on My Shoulder. 1953. New York: Board of National Missions, Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1963.

Trujillo Herrera, Rafael. Romance del peregrino. Los Ángeles: Tórrez Press, 1963.

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