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The main goal of this project is to present a visual record of the history of Chicano/a/x literature. "Chicano/a/x" is used here to refer to U.S. authors of Mexican descent. I am aware of the problems associated with this and other labels. I am using the term as an academic category, not implying in any way that authors necessarily embrace that label for themselves.

In my own scholarly work (e.g. Life in Search of Readers: Reading (in) Chicano/a Literature, 1993) I have advocated for the multiple temporality of books that are published at different moments in time. I have followed that principle here, and so books are listed every time a new edition was published, including foreign editions.

For the time being, only creative writing books are included. Folklore, literary criticism, history books, etc. are not included. Autobiographies and books of non-scholarly essays are.

I have left out books when the ethnic origin of their authors was unclear. Pages may be updated when more details are available. Time and/or funding permitting, I am considering expanding the project to include other Latino/a/x authors.

In future phases of the project, books will be organized by publishing presses as well, to provide users with a visual guide to Chicano/a/x literature's print history, and tags will enable users to search for books using multiple parameters (e.g. "children's literature").

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Created by: Manuel M. Martín-Rodríguez