CSE140 Computer Architecture (Fall semester 2007)


Miguel Á. Carreira-Perpiñán
Assistant professor
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
School of Engineering
University of California, Merced
mcarreira-perpinan-[at]-ucmerced.edu; 209-2284545
Office: 284, Science & Engineering Building

Office hours: by appointment (call or email, including [CSE140] in the subject).

TA: Yazhou (David) Huang, yhuang6-[at]-ucmerced.edu (SE290).

Lectures: Mondays 12-1:20pm and Fridays 11-12:20pm (Linux Lab, SE154)

Lab class: Thursdays 4-7:50pm (Linux Lab, SE154)

Course web page: http://faculty.ucmerced.edu/mcarreira-perpinan/CSE140

Course description

Fundamental concepts of digital computer design, including instruction sets, memory systems and registers, logic and mathematics units, and off-cpu communication and control. Course will also survey the diversity of contemporary computer designs.

Prerequisites: CSE31


Required textbook (get the errata and additional errata):

Note some of the sections and appendices are online in the book CD. The companion site for the book has errata and solutions to "For More Practice" exercises. I recommend (but don't require) that you read the "Historical perspective" online chapters.

Other books recommended as additional reading:

Syllabus and required textbook reading

Before each class, you should have read the corresponding part of the textbook. I will teach the material in the order below (which is more or less the order in the book). Generally, skip all online content unless noted below.

Handouts and lab assignments

The following tools will be useful for the lab work (they are all installed in the Linux lab):

Course grading

While I encourage you to discuss your work with other students, the projects and the exam must be the result of your own work without collaboration.

Grade curves: as of Nov. 20 and final.


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