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Welcome to Prof. Linda Hirst's group home page

We are an experimental soft condensed matter physics group and our members have a wide variety of interests including membrane biophysics, and novel liquid crystal materials and composites.

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Our group is a member of the physics graduate group at The University of California Merced in the School of Natural Sciences. We are always seeking good students and postdocs, please contact Prof. Hirst to see if a position is available.

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Soft Matter World

Prof. Hirst is the founder and editor of, an educational and professional web-site about soft matter science.

Founded in January 2008, this National Science Foundation funded site is a portal for the soft matter community.

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News and Notable

"Designing highly tunable semi-flexible filament networks"
R. Pandolfi, L. Edwards, D. Johnston, P. Becich and L.S. Hirst, PHYS. REV. E. 89, 062602(2013) Link

"Dye sensitized cholesteric liquid crystalline photonic luminescent solar concentrator"
A.L. Rodarte, F. Cisneros, L.S. Hirst and S. Ghosh, LIQUID CRYSTALS, DOI:10.1080/02678292.2014.924163, (2014) Link

"Tuning quantum dot organization in liquid crystal for robust photonics applications"
A.L. Rodarte, Z.S. Nuno, B.H. Cao, R. J. Pandolfi, M. Quint, S. Ghosh, J. Hein and L.S. Hirst, CHEM PHYS CHEM, Volume 15Issue 7 pages 1413–1421, (2014) Link

"Morphology transition in lipid vesicles due to in-plane order and topological defects"
L.S. Hirst, A. Ossowski, M. Fraser, J. Geng, J.V. Selinger and R.L.B. Selinger, PROC. NATL. ACAD. SCI. 110 (9) 3242-3247 (2013) Link

Book - Fundamentals of Soft Matter Science is a new undergraduate level book aimed at introducing a wide audience of students and scientists to the field of soft matter. The book covers a broad range of topics including liquid crystals, surfactants, colloids, polymers and soft biomaterials with an emphasis on modern experimental techniques. The book is available for purchase from Taylor and Francis (CRC press) and other book sellers.

Fundamenals of soft matter science