The Jensen lab, 2018.
Graduate Students

Angel Kongsomboonvech [4th year] Graduated from UCLA and received her Master’s degree from Quinnipiac University. Angel is interested in all things parasites, and how T. gondii virulence factors manipulate CD8 T cell responses.

Scott Souza [3rd year] Graduated from California State University Channel Islands.  Scott is interested in host-pathogen interactions, and the role of B cell responses in mediating protective immunity to T. gondii.

Jessica Wilson [2nd year] Graduated from Fresno State with her Masters degree studying the impact of parasitic infections on Kit Fox populations in California’s Central Valley. Jessica is interested in apicomplexan biology, and the immune response to T. gondii.

Julia Alvarez [1st year] Biology Major, UC Merced. Julia is interested gene regulation, and the immune response to parasites.

Undergraduate Researchers

Felipe Rodriguez [Senior] Biology Major, UC Merced. Felipe is a UC Leads scholar, and is interested in immunology and utilizing CRISPR technology to manipulate pathogens.

Past members

Sam Splitt

Samantha Splitt [Graduated Spring 2017] Received her Master’s degree. Sam’s projects outlined the role of T cell exhaustion and host genetics that determine resistance to secondary infections with virulent T. gondii strains.

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Brandon Justice [Graduated 2017] Biology major UC Merced.  Brandon is currently working at Caribou Biosciences.


Brayan Castellanos [Graduated 2017] Biology major UC Merced.  Brayan is aiming to enter the medical profession.

Anh D pic

Anh Diep [Graduated 2017] Biology major at UC Merced.  Anh is pursuing her Ph.D. here at UC Merced, class of 2018.

Andrew Curd

Andrew Curd [Graduated 2017] Biology major at UC Merced.  Andrew is aiming to enter the medical profession.


Tina Truong [Temporary Lab Assistant, 2015-16] Currently is working towards her Ph.D. in the Graduate Group in Immunology, UC Davis.


Marie True [Senior Research Associate, 2014-15]. Marie went on to obtain her Master’s degree at UC Irvine, and is currently in biotech. Marie was responsible for setting up the lab and performing a variety of experiments to get the lab up and running.