May 20-21, 1999

Stanford University

Sponsored by the American Educational Research Association

and the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Stanford University

Conference Agenda

Stanford Law School, Rm. 290

Thursday, May 20

5:00 PM Reception: Stanford University Law School Courtyard
6:30 PM

Opening Remarks: James Jones (Panel Co-Chair) and Mitchell Chang (Executive Director)

Welcoming Remarks: Albert Camarillo, Director, Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Stanford University.

6:45 PM

Opening Perspectives: Shifting the Debate: The Compelling Need for Diversity in Higher Education.

John Payton, Wilmer Cutler and Pickering (Mr. Payton is one of the lead attorneys representing the University of Michigan in Gratz and Hamacher v. University of Michigan)

Introduction of Speaker: William Taylor, Law Offices of William L. Taylor

7:30 PM

Panel I: Justice, Equality of Educational Opportunity, and Affirmative Action

Presenter: William Trent, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Moderator: Walter Allen, University of California, Los Angeles

Panelists: Michelle Alexander, ACLU San Francisco, Peggy Walsh-Sarnecki, The Detroit Free Press

Friday, May 21

8:00 AM Breakfast (light buffet provided).
8:45 AM

Keynote Address: Protecting and Defending Bakke: What We Can Learn from Hopwood.

The Honorable Bill Lann Lee, Acting U.S. Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights

Introduction of Speaker: Paul Brest, Dean, Stanford Law School

9:45 AM Break
10:00 AM

Panel II: Social Psychological Evidence on Race and Racism

Presenter: Shana Levin, Claremont-McKenna College

Moderator: James Jones, University of Delaware and American Psychological Association

Panelists: Theresa Bustillos, MALDEF, Cheryl Fields, Black Issues in Higher Education, Jean Fetter, Stanford University

11:30 AM

Panel III: Standardized Testing and Equal Access: A Tutorial

Presenter: Linda Wightman, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Moderator: Ewart Thomas, Stanford University

Panelists: Ethan Bronner, The New York Times, Theodore Shaw, NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

1:00 PM Lunch (provided).
2:00 PM

Panel IV: The Educational Benefits of Diversity

Presenter: Jeffrey Milem, University of Maryland

Moderator: Sylvia Hurtado, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Panelists: Eric Schnapper, University of Washington School of Law, Eugene Lowe, Associate Provost, Northwestern University, Peter Schrag, Journalist and author.

3:30 PM Break
3:45 PM

Panel V: Lessons Learned / Next Steps

Moderator: William Taylor, Law Offices of William L. Taylor

Panelists: Henry Der, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, California Department of Education and Member, California Postsecondary Education Commission. John Payton, Wilmer Cutler and Pickering, Jerome Karabel, University of California, Berkeley, Michael Kirst, Stanford University.

5:00 PM Concluding Remarks: Kenji Hakuta and James Jones (Panel Co-Chairs)
5:15 PM Q & A Session: Members of the Media Query Researchers and Lawyers.

For further information, contact Daria Witt (650-725-8411), dwitt@leland.stanford.edu

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