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Graduate Students



  • David Laredo Razo (M.S., 8/16- ) Thesis Topic: Algorithms for multi-objective optimization problems.
  • Timothy Lincoln (Ph.D., 8/15- ) Thesis Topic: MFault detection of HVAC systems in office buildings.


  • Yousef Sardahi (Ph.D., 8/12-8/16) Thesis: “Multi-Objective Optimal Design of Control Systems”.
  • Yousef Naranjani (Ph.D., 8/12-8/16) Thesis: “Algorithms for Multi-Objective Optimization of Dynamical Systems”
  • Wei Liang (M.S., 8/12-12/14) Thesis: "Modeling and Control of AHUs in Building HVAC System".
  • Siyu Wu (Ph.D., 8/08-5/13) Thesis: "System-Level Monitoring and Diagnosis of Building HVAC System".
  • Bethany Robinson (M.S. non-thesis option, 8/09-5/11).
  • Bo Song (Ph.D., 8/07-5/11) Thesis: "Control Studies of Time-Delayed Dynamical Systems".


  • Hong Xu (M.S., 6.09) Thesis: "Tactile Feedback Control of Driver-by-wire Agriculture Machine".
  • Joseph P. White (M.S., 6.07) Thesis: "Real Time Event Detection and Control of a Smart Knee Brace for Gait Rehabilitation".

  • Huseyin Denli (Ph.D. 11.06) Thesis: "Structural-Acoustic Optimization of Composite Sandwich Structures".

  • Andrew C. Davison (M.S., 8.06) Thesis: "Development of a Smart Knee Brace for Early Gait Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients".

  • Yeliz Karakaya (M.S., 10.05) Thesis: "Instrumentation for Microscale Measurement and Characterization of Bio-Fibers".

  • Chris A. Foster (Ph.D. 10.05) Thesis: "Intelligent Controls of Drive-by-Wire Agricultural Vehicles".

  • Stephanie Frangakis (M.S., 7.05) Thesis: "Material Parameter Identification of Acoustic Polymeric Foams via Theoretical Modeling and Experimental Measurements".

  • Shufang Dong (Ph.D. 5.05) Thesis: "Development and Control of Variable Resistance Exercise Device with Magnetorheological Fluids".

  • Xiangyu Wang (Ph.D. 12.04) Thesis: "Random Fatigue of Structures with Uncertain Parameters and Non-Gaussian Stress Response".

  • Melissa Rhoads (M.S., 5.04) Thesis: "Design, Fabrication, and Evaluation of a Micro Testing Instrumentation for Rapid Characterization of the Mechanical Properties of Electrospun Polymer Fibers".

  • Ozer Elbeyli (Ph.D. 1.04) Thesis: "Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems."

  • Jie Sheng (Ph.D. 12.03) Thesis: "Control of Non-smooth and Nonlinear Dynamic Systems."

  • Glenn C. Gardner (M.S. 11.01) Thesis: "Neural Network Modeling of Polyurethane Acoustical Materials."

  • Luis G. Crespo (Ph.D. 11.01) Thesis: "Deterministic and Stochastic Optimal Control, and Cell Mapping Methods."

  • Priya Thamburaj (Ph.D. 6.01) Thesis: "Structural-Acoustic Studies of Sandwich Structures for Global Transport Aircraft".

  • Prabir Barooah (M.S. 8.99) Thesis: "Lineal Sensors for Flow Sensing and Optimal Control of Flow Progression in Resin Transfer Molding."

  • Berna Berker (M.S. 7.99) Thesis: "On-Line Estimation and Control of the Flow Front Progression in Resin Transfer Molding Process."

  • Manu Krishnan (M.S. 6.99) Thesis: "Non-Linear Adaptive Control of Precision Farming Machines."

  • Scott M. Hirsch (Ph.D. 1.99) Thesis: "Acoustic Boundary Control for Quieter Aircraft."

  • Vijay Jayachandran (Ph.D. 12.98) Thesis: "Impedance Based Control and Piezoelectric Shell Actuators for Suppressing Interior Noise."

  • Leslie A. Hersh (M.S. 6.97) Thesis: "Neural Network Prediction of Surgical Outcome of Children with Cerebral Palsy Using Pre-Operative Gait Analysis."

  • Qing Xu (M.S. 1.97) Thesis: "Control Strategies for Tremor Suppression."

  • Wenjun Shen (M.S. 9.96) Thesis: "Adaptive Control of the Acoustic Field in a Closed Cylindrical Shell Using Piezoelectric Actuators."

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