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School of Natural Sciences
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My research interests are all related one way or another to fluid dynamics. More precisely, I am interested in interfacial flows between immiscible fluids (drops and bubbles), with a focus on situations where the surface tension is not constant. I also study sedimentation, where lots of particles settle under the influence of gravity. I am also interested in the erosion of these particles by fluid flow. I study these flows in an ambient fluid where the density may vary (stratified flow), for example because of temperature or salinity variations. I also studied how penguins huddle, for fun.
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And if you are interested in doing graduate studies with me, you can look up our Applied Mathematics Graduate program.
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I have also taught a number of courses at UCM, and more details, as well as an (outdated) teaching statement are here


Before coming to UCM, I was a researcher at the James Franck Institute (2004-2006) where I worked primarily with Wendy Zhang. During the year 2003-2004, I was part of the Mechanical Enginering department at UCSB, working with Eckart Meiburg. Before that (1999-2003), I was a graduate student in Applied Mathematics at MIT from September 1999 to July 2003 where I studied Fluid Dynamics under the supervision of John Bush. You may find a more complete

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