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Photo: Files of missing persons in international conflict, museum of the ICRC


Preventing and Responding to Dissent: The Observational Challenges of Explaining Strategic Repression (with Courtenay R. Conrad). Forthcoming at the American Political Science Review.

National Leaders, Political Survival, and Interstate Coalitions (with Scott Wolford). 2015. Forthcoming at International Studies Quarterly.

Human Rights Treaties and Mobilized Dissent against the State (with Courtenay R. Conrad). Forthcoming at the Review of International Organizations.

Contagious Rebellion and Preemptive Repression (with Nathan Danneman). Journal of Conflict Resolution 58 (2): 254-279.

Emigrants and the Onset of Civil War (with Gina Miller). 2014. Journal of Peace Research 51 (1): 51-64.

Policy Disputes, Political Survival, and the Onset and Severity of State Repression. 2014. Journal of Conflict Resolution 58 (1): 143-168.

Treaties, Tenure, and Torture: The Conflicting Domestic Effects of International Law (with Courtenay R. Conrad). 2013. The Journal of Politics 75 (2): 397-409.

Bargaining and the Effectiveness of International Criminal Regimes (with Scott Wolford). 2012. Journal of Theoretical Politics 24 (2): 149-171.


State Cooperation with International Criminal Tribunals: An Investigation of International Warrant Enforcement (with Scott Wolford). Under Review.

Constraint and Conflict: When Institutions Limit Repression and Encourage Dissent. Book Manuscript (with Courtenay R. Conrad).

Autonomy, Power, and Executive Constraint: Domestic Courts and State Repression.

The Microfoundations of Commitment to Human Rights Treaties (with Courtenay R. Conrad).

“Protecting” Human Rights: Protectionism and Human Rights Provisions in Preferential Trade Agreements (with Courtenay R. Conrad).


International Humanitarian Law and Civil War. 2014. In The Routledge Handbook of Civil Wars, edited by Edward Newman and Karl DeRouen, Jr.


Conflict Processes and Courts: Repression, Dissent, and the Influence of Domestic Judicial Institutions.