Assistant professor in the Management Program at the University of California Merced. Before joining UC Merced, I was an assistant professor at the IMT Lucca in Italy, and prior to that, I spent my doctoral years at Boston University where I received my Ph. D. in Physics in May 2011.

My research is primarily data-oriented, focusing on the evolution of large multiscale socio-economic systems by applying concepts and methods from complex systems, statistical physics, and management and innovation science.

Recent Activity

  • O. A. Doria Arrieta, F. Pammolli, A. M. Petersen, Quantifying the negative impact of brain drain on the integration of European science. (Science Advances) 
  • A. M. Petersen, M. Puliga, High-skilled labour mobility in Europe before and after the 2004 enlargement. Journal of the Royal Society Interface. (J Royal Society Interface)
  • A. M. Petersen, Quantifying the distribution of editorial power and manuscript decision bias at the mega-journal PLOS ONE. (SSRN e-print:2901272)
  • R. K. Pan, A. M. Petersen, F. Pammolli, S. Fortunato, The Memory of Science: Inflation, Myopia, and the Knowledge Network. (ArXiv e-print:1607.05606)

Research Interests

  • Career growth, longevity, output, collaboration in science
  • Growth, life-cycles, and coevolution in complex systems
  • Spatial mobility and innovation networks
  • Team science, organization
  • Innovation and management science